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Mungo Enterprises
v0 Vocoder - 12HP

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Item: N13-4130

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v0 Vocoder - 12HP

Mungo Enterprises v0 Vocoder

The Mungo Enterprises v0 is a vocoder module that is capable of a triad of functions. In addition to classic vocoding, the module is capable of side chain expanding and spectral processing. It utilizes a variable number of bands arranged across a defined spectral range in a logarithmic fashion, and offers a single control over each band’s dynamics. There’s also a residual output that allows for the implementation of voiced/unvoiced switching, or use as a traditional envelope follower. The vocoder section of the v0 extends far beyond what a more traditional vocoder is capable of, with CV over the frequency parameters and a hold latch that enables easy integration with sequencers or external modulation sources. 

v0 Vocoder Features

  • Base Frequency Modulation - Signal Input and Depth Control scaled in V/Octave
  • Base Frequency - Added to Modulation sets the lower frequency of the Bandpass Filter Bank (Exponentially Scaled)
  • Filter Width Modulation - Signal Input and Depth Control scaled in V/Octave
  • Filter Width - Added to Modulation sets the width of the Bandpass region of the Filter Bank (Exponentially Scaled)
  • Filter Band Count - Number of Channels Vocoded in the Range of the Filter, Attack Time of the Envelope Follower in Bandpass Mode (Exponentially scaled from 1-64 Bands)
  • Analysis Input - Or Input for Envelope Follower
  • Decay Time - Variable Decay of the Analysis or Envelope Follower (Exponentially Scaled)
  • Mode Button - Selects Vocoding or Bandpass Filter Mode, Press Zoom +/- when switching modes to enable MIDI Tracking of the Base Frequency
  • Envelope Output - Envelope of Highpassed remainder of Vocoding Analysis for Voicing Analysis, In Bandpass Mode, the Envelope of the Analysis Input
  • Synthesis Input - Or Input for Bandpass Filter
  • Filter Output - Synthesized Output of Vocoder or Output of Bandpass Filter
  • Hold Input - Holds Output of Analysis Section while high

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 12 HP Width
  • 48mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 25mA @ +/- 12V, 125mA @ +5V
  • Requires +5V in Power Bus

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