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Mungo Enterprises
c0 Convolution Processor - 12HP

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c0 Convolution Processor - 12HP


The Mungo Enterprises c0 is an absolutely insane addition to the line of analog/digital crossover 0-series modules. The c0 can perform many functions, from simple bucket brigade-style delay to complex filtering, and does so using a technique unique to it within Eurorack format: convolution.

That's right: the c0 is a convolution module. Reading audio files from a standard SD card allows the superimposition of the tonal characteristics of a recording onto your live signal. Traditionally used with room impulse responses to generate artificial reverb, convolution is an incredibly powerful sound design process. And while you can definitely use the c0 for these types of reverb effects, Mungo of course did not stop there: with built-in facilities for frequency and amplitude manipulation of the convolution source, completely new timbre-shaping, spatial, and echo effects can be generated.

When no SD card is loaded, c0 is a digital emulation of a bucket brigade-style delay, without the associated noise and whine that results from typical BBD abuse.

The Mungo Enterprises c0 is a brilliant implementation of a brilliant idea, and it sounds amazing. There are sounds in here that you have never heard.


  • Perhaps the first dedicated convolution module in Eurorack format
  • Convolves sound files from standard SD card with live sound
  • Integrated facilities for frequency modulation and amplitude modulation of convolution source sound
  • With no SD card loaded, acts as digital BBD-style delay

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  • Panel size: 12hp
  • +12V: 25 mA
  • -12V: 25 mA
  • +5V: 250 mA

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