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Minifooger MF Flange V2 Pedal

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Item: N13-3505

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Minifooger MF Flange V2 Pedal
Minifooger MF Flange V2 Pedal Minifooger MF Flange V2 Pedal Minifooger MF Flange V2 Pedal


The Moog ‘MF Flange’ Minifooger Series Effects Pedal is a 100% analog BBD based phase manipulator with a dedicated voicing switch and mono or stereo output capabilities. The two-position Type switch toggles between two voice modes: vocal or a traditional flanger. There is also a fully sweep-able feedback knob, which determines the resonant peak of a sweep, as well as a wide-range Time control that pushes the creation of sound capabilities of this analog effect far beyond the limitations of a traditional flanger. 


  • True Bypass
  • 100% analog wide-range Flange
  • Extreme time and phase manipulation possibilities
  • Mono or Stereo out
  • Designed to perform with any Guitar, Amp, or Bass guitar configuration
  • Flange Rate Amount Control – gradual and fluid sweeps at minimum position, percussive rapid modulations at maximum position
  • Depth Delay Time Modulation Amount Control – light motion and phasing all the way into massive multi-octave sweeps
  • Flange Time Amount Control – approaching analog chorus at minimum position and metallic flange sounds at maximum position, delay time increased and sounds become thicker/warmer as Time Control is reduced
  • Feedback Amount Control – brings focus and resonance to the sweep of a sound, will self-oscillate at maximum position
  • Type Control Switch – lower position subtracts feedback from the mix and dry signal, producing a more vocal sound shifting the comb filter 1/2 octave – upper position sums feedback positively with the input signal and dry signal producing a more traditional flanger sound
  • Expression Pedal Input – assigned to the Time Control, can be used to manually sweep through the delay frequency range of the MF Flange
  • Mono/Stereo Control Switch – To access both outputs (in bypass), requires removal of the bottom of the MF Flange to set this switch to Stereo – then a 1⁄4” TRS to TS insert cable or TRS to TS splitter is used (Note: When set to Stereo and in bypass, excessive loading may occur; to avoid this, set this switch to Mono – a stereo output will still be present)

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  • SIGNAL PATH: 100% Analog
  • BYPASS TYPE: True bypass
  • POWER: +9VDC
  • WEIGHT: 18oz (0.5kg)
  • ENCLOSURE: Cast aluminum
  • DIMENSIONS: D=5.75” (14.4 cm) W=3.25” (8.3 cm) H=2.25” (5.8 cm) DELAY TIME: <0.540mS – 16mS (0.340-20mS with modulation)
  • LFO RATE : <.025Hz - >11Hz
  • LFO SHAPE: Exponentiated Triangle
  • EXPRESSION: Controls Time (Max Input level +5VDC)
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 1000 Ohm Max
  • MAX INPUT LEVEL: +7.5dBμ
  • CURRENT: 18mA Nominal / 22mA Max
  • OUTPUT STEREO: Left (Mono) = Dry + Wet / Right = Dry - Wet

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