Minifooger MF Delay V2 Pedal

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Minifooger MF Delay V2 Pedal
Minifooger MF Delay V2 Pedal Minifooger MF Delay V2 Pedal Minifooger MF Delay V2 Pedal


The Moog ‘MF Delay’ Minifooger Series Effects Pedal is a 100% analog delay providing 35mS-700mS of rich, blooming analog repeats. At shorter settings, the MF Delay is fast and articulate. This is perfect for creating classic slap-back sounds with expressive swells, and even plate-verbs. At medium and long settings, the repeats become darker, naturally trailing into a beautiful warmth and character not found in any other delay pedal. Connect an expression pedal and dynamically control feedback swells, or switch to delay time to create chorus/flange and tape delay effects. The MF Delay was designed with over 300 carefully selected components including 4 Bucket Brigade Delay chips, a discrete JFET input stage, and a vintage compander circuit for superior tone and feel. 


  • True Bypass
  • New Design with same sleek black chassis
  • 700ms of Bucket Brigade based analog delay
  • >22dB of classic drive for boost and color
  • Over 300 carefully selected components
  • Vintage compander circuit
  • Designed to perform with any Guitar, Amp, or Bass guitar configuration
  • Time Rate Control – adjustable from 35ms to 700ms, brighter and more articulate at shorter settings (slap-back and plate-style reverb/delay), warmer at longer settings (natural decays)
  • Feedback Amount Control – adjustable from a single repeat with no decay to extended trails that dissipate into a reverb-like state (past 2 o’clock, feedback trails swell into infinity; self-oscillation at maximum setting)
  • Mix Ratio Control – determine the blend between dry and effected signals, nearly inaudible delay trails at minimum setting and no dry signal at maximum setting for amplifier effects loop operation
  • Drive Amount Control – pre-delay circuit drive that provides greater than 22dB of gain to both input and delayed signal (low ranges for subtle boost and mild tonal coloration, mid range for mid-forward and punchy tones, max position for natural boost/overdrive)
  • Expression Pedal Input – can be assigned to Time Control or Feedback Control (Time Control for chorus/flange, tape delay, pitch-shift type effects – Feedback Control for infinite feedback loops and subtle delay trails)

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  • SIGNAL PATH: 100% Analog
  • BYPASS TYPE: True bypass
  • POWER: +9VDC
  • WEIGHT: 18oz (0.5kg)
  • ENCLOSURE: Cast aluminum
  • DIMENSIONS: D=5.75” (14.4 cm) W=3.25” (8.3 cm) H=2.25” (5.8 cm)
  • DELAY TIME: <35mS – 700mS
  • DRIVE: >22dB range
  • EXPRESSION: Selectable - Controls Time or FeedBack (Max Input level +5VDC)
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 1000 Ohm Max
  • CURRENT: 21mA Nominal / 25mA Max

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