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Minifooger MF Chorus V2 Pedal

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Item: N13-3504

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Minifooger MF Chorus V2 Pedal
Minifooger MF Chorus V2 Pedal Minifooger MF Chorus V2 Pedal Minifooger MF Chorus V2 Pedal

Moog Minifooger MF Chorus V2 Pedal

The MF Chorus V2 is an all-analog BBD-based modulation pedal that enables boundless sonic shifts via two distinct output modes. The pedal can be used to achieve analog vibrato or a thick analog chorus, simply by shifting the Mix switch.

Additionally, the unit’s Time and Feedback controls can be used to morph sounds into slap delay style effects with seemingly infinite echoes.

MF Chorus V2 Features

  • True Bypass
  • Chorus, Vibrato, and modulated Slap Delay
  • Extreme time modulation possibilities
  • Mono or Stereo out
  • Designed to perform with any Guitar, Amp, or Bass guitar configuration
  • Chorus Time Amount Control – Vibrato and Bright Chorus at minimum position to deep choral motion tones at mid position and beautiful modulated slap delay at maximum position
  • Feedback Amount Control – slight resonance to the sound motion at low settings, a more focused peak at mid position, and beautiful slap delays and echoes at maximum position
  • Mix Amount Control Switch – a more open and natural chorus sound at lower position, thicker/warmer sound at middle position, pure wet signal in the upper position (Vibrato)
  • Depth Modulation Amount Control – determines amount of modulation applied to the delay time; as depth is increased, motion transforms from subtle vibrato to chorus and then into multi-octave time modulation
  • Rate Control – specifies LFO modulation rate for analog delay time; large classic sweeps at slower settings, rotary/spinning effects at faster settings
  • Expression Pedal Input – assigned to the Rate Control, can be used to sweep from slow shifts to chopping musical extremes; audio rate modulations possible at max Rate
  • Mono/Stereo Control Switch – To access both outputs (in bypass), requires removal of the bottom of the MF Chorus to set this switch to Stereo – then a 1⁄4” TRS to TS insert cable or TRS to TS splitter is used (Note: When set to Stereo and in bypass, excessive loading may occur; to avoid this, set this switch to Mono – a stereo output will still be present)

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  • SIGNAL PATH: 100% Analog
  • BYPASS TYPE: True bypass
  • POWER: +9VDC
  • WEIGHT: 18oz (0.5kg)
  • ENCLOSURE: Cast aluminum
  • DIMENSIONS: D=5.75” (14.4 cm) W=3.25” (8.3 cm) H=2.25” (5.8 cm) DELAY TIME: <3.2mS – 60mS (2mS – 70mS with Modulation)
  • LFO RATE : <.05Hz - >13Hz (>25Hz With expression) LFO SHAPE: Exponentiated Triangle
  • EXPRESSION: Controls Rate (Max Input level +5VDC) INPUT IMPEDANCE: >1 MegaOhm
  • MAX INPUT LEVEL: +7.5dBμ
  • CURRENT: 16mA Nominal / 20mA Max
  • OUTPUT STEREO: Left (Mono) = Dry + Wet / Right = Dry - Wet

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