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Moffenzeef GMO Genetically Modified Oscillator

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Moffenzeef GMO

The GMO or Genetically Modified Oscillator from Moffenzeef is a unique lo-fi drum module with open source architecture. The GMO sports total bipolar CV control of every parameter. with a wide range of possible sounds, from short blips to screaming lo-fi mayhem, and a looping function, this module is a great addition to any system.

The GMO now has revamped the code-flashing, making it incredibly easy to flash new sound banks to the module. There are now 12 new banks available for download on Moffenzeef's github site. 

GMO Features

  • “Specimen” hot swaps sample selectiøn 
  • “Speed” controls pitch of sample (0.01% - 300%), 
  • “Head” controls start of sample selection
  • “Tail”  controls end of sample selection 
  • “Bang!” input resets sample to start time
  • "Ouroboros" toggles looping on and off
  • "Ouroboros" input toggles looping on and off with a clock or gate
  • Bipolar cv control over all parameters
  • Reverse polarity protection, power filtering, and keyed headers 
  • Proper +5/-5 cv input buffering and current limiting
  • Selection window can be as small as 10 samples
  • Samples held in flash memory
  • 12bit audio output
  • Skiff friendly - low power, shallow mounting depth
  • Width: 12hp
  • Mounting depth: 30mm
  • 50ma +12v
  • 10ma -12v
  • 0ma 5v
  • Input impedance: 100kω
  • Output impedance: 1kω 
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