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.MIX 3 CH Mixer - 4HP

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.MIX 3 CH Mixer - 4HP


This is .MIX. It's a 4 HP mixer with a transistor makeup gain stage copied from the Moog CP3, including the rail voltages (a regulator is used to provide the -6v rail).

There are no OpAmps in this thing at all and it will be driven into distortion easily. A lot of the tones on redshift records are multiple oscillators being distorted by the CP3s.

The output attenuator is bipolar.


  • Based on Moog CP3 Circuit
  • Provides warm distortion when overdriven
  • 4 Attenuators (Final Out Control is Attenuverter)
  • 4 Inputs

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 4 HP Width

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