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Misa Digital NSC-16 Note Sequence Controller

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Misa Digital NSC-16

The Misa Digital NSC-16 is a powerful sequencing tool that provides users with a wealth of structuring and sequence options. It can store a total of 384 sequences, which corresponds to the number of buttons on its grid. This handy features makes it ideal for live performance where on-the-fly triggering is required.

With the NSC-16, users can easily modify a variety of individual note parameters. For example, the sequencer affords the ability to copy, paste, move, and edit notes. Additionally, users can build loops, modify the attack and sustain settings of each note, and affect any parameter with the unit’s six sliders.

A brand new firmware update has given the NSC-16 the ability to chain sequences, meaning they are no longer resigned to a mere 16 steps. This update also greatly improves the accuracy of its MIDI clock, optimizing its synchronization with external gear. It can also now be configured to run as a MIDI slave, allowing for remote control and external clocking.

NSC-16 Features

  • Polyphonic sequencer and MIDI controller
  • 16 steps per pattern
  • 384 pattern save slots
  • 6 control sliders
  • Easy navigation and editing
  • Create loops within patterns
  • Connections: MIDI In/Out, USB
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