Mini Slew Voltage Controlled Slope Generator - 8HP

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Mini Slew Voltage Controlled Slope Generator - 8HP


Steady State Fate and WMD teamed up to create a whole new line of eurorack modules!  The Mini Slew is modeled after the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator, whose function varies from an AD/ASR envelope generator, a voltage controlled LFO/VCO, and in some patch configurations, a strange VCF/VCA with no resonance. The versitility of this module exceeds many of the single function modules on the market today. As a VCO, the Rise or Fall cv can be controlled with 1V/Oct CV tracking the oscillator musically over four octaves. The Mini Slew has control voltage inputs for each function, including wave Shape, giving smooth control over log, linear, and exponential functions. In envelope mode, this gives a waveshapable envelope curve, while in VCO mode it allows for timbral shifts. For visual representation, six LEDs indicate the voltage level of the +out as well as individual LEDs for the cycle toggle switch and the CV Sum/T-comp functions. 


  • Voltage controlled function generator and active slew limiter
  • Manual rise and fall time controls with individual CV inputs
  • Unique SUM CV mode. While activated, sends an individually patched input to both rise and fall CV jacks or SUMs two patched inputs and sends to both CV jacks
  • Smooth control over log, linear and exponential function response shapes. The addition of a novel CV input for voltage control of the function's shape. 
  • Time compensation mode for retaining the approximate timing of the function while changing the response shape.
  • Polarizing VARI-OUTPUT control sweeps output function from -10V through zero to +10V from a dedicated variable output jack. CV input for voltage controlling the variable output level and polarity
  • Positive unipolar envelope output with six LED level meter for rise fall speed and shape indication eye candy
  • End of cycle and end of rise gate outputs. 
  • Signal Processor Input
  • Triggered and cycle mode. Trigger-able cycle on/off 
  • Timescale FM tracks 3-4 octaves approximately to the 1V/oct scale
  • All in only 8hp

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  • +12V @ 70mA, -12V @ 50mA
  • 8HP
  • 0.98", 25mm Depth.

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