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Mid-Fi Electronics Electric Yggdrasil Vibrato (Green)

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The Electric Yggdrasil is the new pedal from Mid-Fi Electronics, and it is a vibrato with loads of unique character. It's vibrato is created using phase cancellation, which provides a timbral nuance to the subtle volume changes. It has four control knobs for Volume, Balance, Depth and Speed of vibrato. The Volume control is the basic guitar volume input, and the balance decides the phase offset amount, allowing for the control of which harmonics may be cancelled. The Depth control decides how prominent the effect is, and speed effects its oscillation speed. Like the Tree of Yggdrasil, it will grab hold off all the elements of your tone and hold it together. 


  • Phase Cancellation based Vibrato 
  • Controls for Volume, Speed, Depth and Balance
  • True bypass
  • Handmade

  • Power: 9V (Center -) Standard Pedal Power
  • Rugged Aluminum Casing
  • Hand printed graphics
  • Handmade 
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