MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer Vocoder

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MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer Vocoder
MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer Vocoder MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer Vocoder


With its undeniably unique exterior and its matchless sound, the MicroKorg set the bar for analog modeling synthesizers. The year 2008 saw the release of the MicroKorg XL, which inherited the MicroKorg 's fat and robust sounds, while adding keyboard staples like electric piano and CX-3 organ. And now, in the next step in the evolutionary process, the MicroKorg XL+ provides a fresh update to the sounds and visual styling of the MicroKorg XL, making it a perfect compact keyboard.

Luscious analog modeled synthesizer sounds that are indicative of the MicroKorg have been newly added to the MicroKorg XL+. In addition, for use with a band, the MicroKorg XL+ comes armed with the piano sound from Korg's classic stage piano, the SGproX (famous for its capacity to stand out in a band's mix), as well as its hard-edged grand-style electric piano. This compact package also features sounds from the M1 and the VOX organ, vintage tape-type string and flute machines, as well as other beautiful sounds from keyboard history. Naturally, these sounds can be played full-range just like the originals that inspired them, either via the onboard octave switch, or by connecting any MIDI-capable full-sized keyboard. Each of these 128 programs are truly inspiring sounds, giving the MicroKorg XL+ tons of variety to function as the primary keyboard or as a secondary keyboard in a rig. On top of that, Korg has provided a total of 640 free sounds, that users can download through the free Editor software.

The MicroKorg XL featured a sound selector that let users choose their sound using two large dials: "music genre" and "instrument category." The new MicroKorg XL+ has been revised with a new music genres set to fit today's ever changing music scene. Now users can choose a program that matches their song more intuitively than ever. For even easier access, users can also leave one of the dials fixed and use the other dial to make program changes in the middle of a song (music genre fixed), or use the dial to scroll through vocoder variations (instrument category fixed).

The MicroKorg XL+'s sound engine utilizes MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology), taking from Korg's well established repertoire of analog modeling technology. The MMT sound engine has been rolled out on numerous products, and features two oscillators that produce massively powerful sounds. Oscillator 1 gives users a total of seven types of oscillator algorithm to choose from, including formant waveforms like human voice, and PCM/DWGS wave-forms for classic keyboard and strings. It also allows users to take advantage of techniques that cannot be recreated on typical PCM synthesizers, like cross modulation, unison, and VPM (Variable Phase Modulation). By making use of modulation (sync or ring) with Oscillator 2, it's simple to create intricate and powerful sounds.

The MicroKorg XL+ can be used as a powerful Vocoder that allows users to connect a mic and use its audio input to shape the tonal characteristics of the oscillator's sound to generate "talking" effects. The Vocoder is made up of a 16-band filter bank that can emulate the Vocoder sounds of the past and also shift the filter frequencies (Format Shift function) or change the level and pan of each band to drastically change the overall sonic character. Using the Vocoder is a simple way to add sounds that can be found modern popular electronic music. Since a gooseneck microphone is included, users can start using the vocoder in their songs right away.

Two master effects use the effect engine that was honed to perfection in Korg's Kaoss Pad series, providing users with a total of 17 powerful effect types including delay and echo effects as well as powerful effects like ring modulation and grain shifter. Additionally, effects such as delay can be synchronized to MIDI clock for a huge range of possibilities in live performance.

The new Natural Touch mini-keyboard provides an even better playing feel than ever before. The proportion of the keys has been tweaked to make chords easier to play, and the touch has been perfected for greater ease when playing rapid phrases. The waterfall-type keys give off an aura of sophistication, and they also help when playing a glissando.

The MicroKorg XL+ can make use the included AC adaptor or it can operate on six AA alkaline batteries. Measuring a mere 22 inches long and 4.4 lbs. in weight (main unit only; does not include batteries or mic), the MicroKorg XL+ is a perfect size to travel with, opening up new possibilities for performance on the go.

By using a USB cable to connect the MicroKorg XL+ to a computer and with the sound editor software, users can edit all of the parameters with ease from a computer. On top of this software*, Users can also download preset programs from the MicroKorg and the MS2000/MS2000B, as well as special bonus programs that were designed by Korg USA / Korg UK free of charge for access to an even larger collection of programs.


  • Even more vintage sounds, including the KORG SGproX piano, M1 and VOX organs and well-known “Tape” instruments
  • 128 onboard sounds, plus 640 additional sounds included with the Editor/Librarian for Mac and PC!
  • New yet nostalgic - black panel "new vintage" design
  • Featuring MMT - the distillation of Korg's analog modeling technology
  • Vocoder with included gooseneck microphone
  • A powerful Kaoss effects engine – the kind of effects that you would expect from Korg
  • Korg's proprietary Natural Touch mini-keyboard, designed with an emphasis on playability
  • Battery powered operation is supported for increased portability

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  • Display: Custom backlit LCD
  • Keyboard: 37-note Natural Touch action
  • Switches: 7; Bank (2 position), Octave Up and Down (toggle), Timbre select (2 position), Arp On/Off, Vocoder On/Off, Write, Exit/Shift
  • Knobs: 7; Volume, tempo, program select (genre and category), real-time assign, edit menu selector
  • Wheels: Pitch and Modulation
  • Polyphony: 8 voices (up to 4 when the vocoder is selected)
  • Program: 128
  • Number of timbres: Maximum 2 (when using Layer, Split, or Multi)
  • Synths: 2 (oscillator + noise generator)
  • Oscillator 1: Waveform: Saw, Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Formant, Noise, PCM/DWGS, Audio In
  • Oscillator 1: Modulation: Waveform, Cross, Unison, VPM
  • Oscillator 2 Waveform: Saw, Pulse, Triangle, Sine
  • Oscillator 2 Modulation: Ring, Sync, Ring+Sync
  • Oscillator 2 Wave-shaping
  • Oscillator 2 WS-type: Drive, Decimator, Hardclip, Oct Saw, Multi Tri, Multi Sin, Sub Osc Saw, Sub Osc Squ, Sub Osc Tri, Sub Osc Sin, Level Boost
  • Filter 1: -24 dB/oct LPF, -12 dB/oct LPF, HPF, BPF, Thru
  • Filter 2: LPF, HPF, BPF
  • Vocoder: 16-band vocoder, adjustable level and pan for each band, Formant Shift function, Formant Hold function
  • Effects Timbre: 2-band EQ
  • Master: master effects (17 effect algorithms)
  • Arpeggiator: UP, DOWN, ALT1/2, Random, Trigger (6 types), Step Arpeggiator function
  • Programs: 128 programs (banks A/B x 8 genres x 8 categories)
  • Audio In [Line] jack, Audio In [MIC] jack (with Audio In [Mic/XLR] switch)
  • Audio In [Line] jack:
  • Maximum input level: +19 dBu
  • Input source impedance: 8 ohms
  • Connector: 1/4" phone jack (unbalanced)
  • Audio In [Mic] jack:
  • Maximum input level: -11 dBu
  • Input source impedance: 7kOhms
  • Input Connector: XLR (balanced)
  • Output: L/MONO, R jacks:
  • Maximum output level: +6 dBu @ 10 kOhm load
  • Output source impedance: 1kOhm
  • Connectors: 1/4" phone jacks (unbalanced)
  • Headphone jack: Maximum output level: 36 + 36 dBu @ 33ohms load
  • Output source impedance: 10ohms
  • Connector: 1/4" stereo phone jack
  • MIDI In, Out
  • USB connector: B type
  • Power supply: DC9V
  • Uses six AA batteries (approximate lifespan is 4 hours with alkaline batteries, not included)

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