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S2000 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

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S2000 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer
S2000 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer S2000 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer


We took our 20+ years of experience in vacuum-tube electronic music, and used it to make the most exciting instrument in the history of Metasonix. The S-2000 is not merely a new repackaging of old designs. It is a revolution, and a game changer.

The S-2000 was made to be as easy to use as possible. Just plug in power, plug in an amplifier, wait 30 seconds for the real new-old-stock vacuum tubes to warm up, and start playing it. The built-in 400mm ribbon controller is instantly responsive, and needs no special treatment. No trimpots, no fiddling with MIDI interfaces or fighting with fistfuls of cables. The misery has been engineered out.

The simplicity might fool you. The S-2000 has enough controls and enough flexibility to keep the musician busy for years of sonic exploration.


  • Two all-tube oscillator/filter “operators”, with resonance variable from flat response to deep oscillation
  • Waveshape is variable from clean sine wave to a distinctive distorted square/pulse wave
  • Resonate both waveshapes for FM sound effects
  • All-tube VCA
  • Three contour generators, C1-C3
  • C1 attack-release type feeds the VCA
  • C2 attack-decay type feeds the operator-two sweep and optionally the VCA, and may be set to retrigger automatically
  • C3 is the same as C2, but feeds the operator-one CV input
  • Built-in and highly-sensitive ribbon controller


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  • Runs from a standard 12vDC adapter
  • Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Standalone or 19" Rackmountable
  • Heavy Duty build quality in a fully-shielded steel enclosure with nearly indestructible powder coat
  • Hand-made in California

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