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Melu Instruments
Freak Phase Synchronized Dual Oscillator - 31HP

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Item: N13-6779

Freak Phase Synchronized Dual Oscillator - 31HP

Melu Instruments Freak

Freak from Melu Instruments is a dual digital phase synchronized oscillator for use in Eurorack modular synthesizers. Both oscillators can be phase synchronised to each other, each with dedicated audio outputs. This allows one to process both oscillators separately, providing a sharp and well defined tone for bass and leads. The modulator, which can reach audio-rate frequencies, helps to create a complex and interesting timbre reminiscent of early Casio phase modulation synthesizers and DX7-style FM.

Freak Features

  • Two digital oscillators + one audio rate modulator
  • Oscillator 1: 8 waveforms
  • Syncable to the audio rate modulator
  • CV input for controlling tune
  • Dedicated audio output
  • Audio rate modulator: 8 waveforms
  • Modulates Oscillator 1 with 4 possible modulation modes
  • CV input for controlling modulation amount
  • Oscillator 2: 8 waveforms with two controllable parameters each
  • Dedicated audio output
  • 3 audio outputs: Wave 1 Out, Wave 2 Out, Mix Out (crossfade between Wave 1 & 2 outputs)
  • 3 CV Inputs: Global pitch CV In, Wave 1 tune CV In, Audio rate modulation amount CV In

Freak Demo

Melu Instruments Freak from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

For this patch, we are using the Transistor Sound Labs Stepper Acid sequencer to provide pitch information for the Melu Freak, and timing information for Mutable Instruments Peaks. Peaks has both channels in Env mode, being triggered by the main clock out as well as the accent clock out. Each channel of Peaks is acting as an Envelope for both Oscillator outputs on the Freak. One of the outputs from Peaks is also split to control the CV Level of the Modulation amount. The audio is then fed into Tangle Quartet, with Peaks controlling the VCAs of their respective channels. 

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 31HP
  • Depth: Skiff Friendly
  • Current Draw: 70mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V

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