Three Sisters Triple Resonant Filter - 10HP

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Three Sisters Triple Resonant Filter - 10HP

Mannequins Three Sisters

Three Sisters, from Mannequins, is a new take on the traditional multimode filter. It contains three filters, each with their own resonances. All three cutoff frequencies are moved together when adjusting the Freq knob, and their distribution across the spectrum is adjusted by the Span knob. The Quality knob adjusts the volumes and resonances of the filters. When the Quality control is at full volume, the three filters become three sinewaves. A toggle switch adjusts the form of their distribution, which can be either "crossover", which provides full spectrum filtering, or "formant", which turns each filter into a Bandpass and quantizes the frequencies to Vowel shapes. Each filter can be accessed independently, or as a triple resonance EQ type effect. This allows it to act as a mixer as well as a distributor. The multifunctional nature of this module does not remove from its intuitive playability, making it one of the most powerful filters in Eurorack.

Three Sisters Features

  • Triple resonant filter
  • Triple sine wave Osc with full resonance
  • Individual filter inputs and outputs
  • Frequency control linked to all three filters
  • Span control distributes the filters from each other
  • Quality control for resonant patterns
  • 1V/Oct pitch tracking
  • FM Input for frequency modulation with dedicated attenuverter
  • Toggle switch between Formant and Crossover frequency distributions

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 100mA@+12V, 93mA@-12V

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