Mangrove Formant Oscillator - 10HP

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Mangrove Formant Oscillator - 10HP

Mannequins Mangrove Formant Oscillator

The Mangrove Formant Oscillator is an interesting take on the classic VCO. It is designed based on acoustic reed instruments and their natural resonators. Air, Formant and Barrel controls all warp the waveshapes in one way or another, with their interaction leading to new effects. In certain controls, the Mangrove locks to subharmonics, providing suboctaves and subfifths, depending on the controls. The Barrel control basically acts as a Saw to Tri to Ramp waveshaper. The Air control adds volume, which eventually leads to soft clipping, providing the Square wave. Depending on the Barrel control, the pulse width of the soft clipping can be adjusted. The Formant control skus the harmonic content to be more focused on high or low harmonics. A switch on the panel decides whether the main Pitch knob decides the master pitch (constant wave), or the undertone/clock divided frequency (constant formant). This oscillator takes one into both familiar and unknown sonic territory, leaving room for extreme diversity, while keeping a close eye on reality. 

Mangrove Features

  • Timbral shifting Formant Oscillator 
  • Pitch control with Course and Fine tune
  • 1v/Octave pitch tracking and Sync input
  • FM input and FM Index input
  • Formant Control and CV Input
  • Air Control and CV Input
  • Barrel Control and CV Input
  • Square and Formant audio outputs

Mangrove Demo

Mannequins Mangrove demo from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 58mA@+12V, 54mA@-12V

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