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Just Friends 6CH Function Generator - 14HP

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Just Friends 6CH Function Generator - 14HP

Mannequins Just Friends

Note: The issue with the Run jack has been remedied. All of our current and future stock do not have this issue.

Mannequins Just Friends is a new take on the classic function generator. Six function generators, all based on the same basic shape parameters, can function as envelopes, LFOs, or Oscillators, depending on how the module is organized.

If it is set to the Envelope mode, each envelope can be triggered independently with their respective trigger inputs, or clock them all at once by just plugging a clock into the right most trigger. The envelope is shaped by the Curve knob, (for linear/exponential shaping), and the Ramp knob, (for saw to tri to ramp skew). The Time control changes the overall length of the envelope, with a higher Time value corresponding to a shorter, (faster) envelope. If all six function generators are being clocked together, the intone knob will Multiply or Divide each of the clocks and outputs for heavy rhythmic variations. 

When switched into Sound mode, Just Friends becomes a complex harmonic oscillator. The Time knob controls the master pitch of all the function generators, with Intone defining the harmonic relationship to the Identity, (master,) frequency. Depending on the Intone value, various harmonics or subharmonics are accessible out of the XN outputs. The Time control has a CV input that is musically trackable at 1V/Octave. The Mix output provides the composite waveshape of all the overtones, while keeping all its individual overtones accessible as well.

This genius take on the classic slope generator gives many more functions than just an envelope or modulator, including a harmonic oscillator, a waveshapable additive synthesis engine, and clock division/multiplication. 

Just Friends Features

  • 6 Channel Function Generator
  • 6 Envelopes with Ramp and Curve controls
  • Clock division between envelopes
  • All envelopes are individually triggerable 
  • LFO Mode when retrigger is selected
  • Sound Mode for Complex Oscillator
  • Individual harmonics and subharmonics accessible
  • Tracks musically at 1V/Oct

Just Friends Demo

Mannequins Just Friends Demo from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 120mA@+12v; 80mA@-12v

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