Cold Mac Multi-Utility Mixer - 8HP

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Cold Mac Multi-Utility Mixer - 8HP


The Cold Mac is a unique module that strings together a complex series of utilities to aid in meta-control or the twisting of modular mirrors. At the basic level, the Cold Mac's six audio inputs are mixed to "Mac" with linear VC amplification of the mix. A second VCA is then added to aid in panning or crossfading, depending on how the ins and outs are patched. Next is a series of logic functions which can be used at audio or CV rate. Applying CV inputs at this stage lends itself to interesting modulations, while triggers facilitate rhythmic expansion. An envelope follower can analyse the volume of a source and/or provide slew to a pulse or other CV - something useful for self-patching back into the Survey input. A wave rectifier (absolute value converter) and a wave "Crease" function can provide timbral modulations when fed audio rate signals, or polarize and bend control voltages. This multi function module can be implimented in a myriad of unique ways, affecting both audio and control voltage in interesting and musical ways. 


  • Multi utility module
  • Six Channel Mixer
  • Linear VCA 
  • Polarizer, fixed voltage generator
  • Crossfade and Pan capabilities
  • And/Or Logic functions
  • Slew limiter/Envelope follower

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 65mA@+12V, 62mA@-12V

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