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Richter Anti-Oscillator - 14HP

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Richter Anti-Oscillator - 14HP


The Malekko Richter series of modules offer the same great sound, ergonomics, musicality, and quality that made the Wiard 300 series legendary at a fraction of the cost and size in Eurorack modular format.

The Anti-Oscillator is an analog triangle-core oscillator with unique voltage-controllable waveshaping capabilities. At first blush, the Anti-Oscillator appears as a standard voltage controlled oscillator, with volt per octave input, linear and exponential FM inputs (with attenuators), fine and coarse frequency controls, and dedicated triangle output.

But then, there is the “MAYHEM” output!  Mayhem starts as a square wave and morphs into twisted, animated waveforms as the “Init Wave” control travels clockwise or is modulated. Not a standard waveshaper or wavefolder, Mayhem produces multiple, altogether new waveshapes in series as it is modulated. Sometimes creating an almost PWM “fat” sound, and other times creating very organic, metallic sounds as the Anti-Oscillator is modulated. The timbres generated by the Mayhem output are often eccentric and very rich in harmonics, perfect for a filter to “bite” into.

The waveshaper CV attenuator (Wave Env) is normalled to feed the triangle output in when no input is connected. The exponential and linear CV inputs are normalled to feed the Mayhem output into their respective CV input when no CV input is connected. When using the triangle output and with no CV input connected to the exponential input, for example, you can turn the the Exp control clockwise to progress through new wave shapes, starting with a triangle instead of a square for a smoother waveshaped output.

The Anti-Oscillator is known for its great FM response and capability to achieve fat and clangorous sounds. It pairs perfectly with the Richter Oscillator for modulation, and the Borg and Boogie filters to shape and tame the Mayhem output.


  • Triangle and Mayhem Outputs
  • Pushbutton for LFO and Audio oscillation modes.
  • 1v/oct CV Input
  • Attenuated CV Input for Linear and Exponential Frequency and Waveshaping
  • Coarse Tune Knob
  • Fine Tune Knob

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  • Eurorack Format
  • 14HP Width
  • 25mm Depth
  • +12v: 40mA Current Draw

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