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Malekko Heavy Industry AD/LFO-V Video Optimized Modulator

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Malekko Heavy Industry AD/LFO-V

The Malekko Heavy Industry AD/LFO boasts two banks of three AD envelopes, each with their own gate inputs and envelope outs. Two dedicated knobs on every channel offer easy manual control over attack and decay parameters. Each bank also features a toggle switch that loops the envelope to form an LFO, all of which can be used independently and feature per-channel rise and fall slope times. 

The AD/LFO makes the generation of complex envelopes a synch with its sum output, which is a mix of each signal. There’s also a “Divide by 10” toggle switch that enables extremely slow modulation by lengthening each envelope.

This version of the AD/LFO was created in collaboration with LZX Industries. As such, it has been optimized for use with Eurorack video synthesis systems. The module has 1V scaled outs that are especially suitable for modulating things like the Visual Cortex

AD/LFO-V Features

  • Hex Envelope
  • Loop toggle switch for LFO function
  • Sum outputs for complex signal mixing
  • Independent Gate inputs for each Envelope
  • Attack and Decay time controls
  • Divide by 10 Toggle switch for ultra slow modulation
  • AD/LFO-V optimized for use in video synthesis systems, adapted in collaboration with LZX
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Depth: ~1.5"
  • Current Draw: 90mA@+12V, 20mA@-12V
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