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Make Noise
FUNCTION Control Voltage Generator - 8HP

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FUNCTION Control Voltage Generator - 8HP

Make Noise Function

The Make Noise Function Module is the little brother of the Maths. It is a single channel function generator with all the same goodies as the Maths: VC Rise and Fall, a knob for exponential to logarithmic shaping, Gate and trigger inputs, and a cycle switch. It has both End of Rise and End of Cycle gate outputs to easily translate analog to digital information, and two dedicated CV outputs, one unipolar positive, and the other unipolar negative. Something missing from Maths is the "Hang" function, which pauses the voltage output whenever a positive gate is patched into it. This can create sample and hold like effects if the module is cycling, as well as complex envelopes or modulation waveshapes. 

As mentioned in the page for Maths, having an entire synthesizer that is exclusively Function modules would be a very powerful synth, with every essential function covered by the versatility of the Function module. 

Function Features

  • Analog Computer Module Designed for Musical Control Voltage Manipulation and Generation
  • Generates a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential functions
  • Functions as short as 2ms and as long as 25 minutes per cycle!
  • Triggered Functions (Envelope)
  • Continuous Functions (LFO)
  • Invert and/ or Integrate (Lag, Slew, Portamento)
  • Discrete Time Functions (S&H, T&H)
  • LEDs indicate activity on all outputs
  • End of Rise and End of Cycle Pulses facilitate programming of more complex functions
  • All outputs capable of driving a passive 4 way mult without loading effects (no buffered mult needed here)
  • Perfect for modulating the DPO and just about anything else

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • 24mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 30mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V

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