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Make Noise
Black & Gold Shared System

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Item: N13-4624

Black & Gold Shared System

Make Noise Black & Gold Shared System

The Black & Gold Shared System is Make Noise's flagship Eurorack synthesizer system. It includes many of their most functional modules: Maths, the DPO, the Optomix, the modDemix, the Echophon, the Erbe-Verb, and now includes the Morphagene, along with many of their controller modules: the Rene, Pressure Points, and the famous modulation source, the Wogglebug. The case includes an extra 1U row, with buffered multiples, an external input and preamp, and a TRS output with independent Left and Right inputs. With this collection of modules, analog warmth, FM, and granularization are all accessible styles, blending in a new and postmodern form. The Rene sequencer and Pressure Points gives tactile control over the Black & Shared system, allowing one to perform on it, and not just patch. There are a few blank panels to provide room for growth. All this is then housed in a heavy duty industrial feeling case for easy transport and protection. The Black & Gold Shared System is one for the record books. 

Black & Gold Shared System Features

  • Make Noise Shared System in Black & Gold as used by founder Tony Rolando
  • New School Sequencing: René
  • Human/ Expression Control: Pressure Points
  • Dual Analog Oscillator: DPO
  • Voltage Controlled Pitch Shifting and Echo: Echophon
  • Dual Analog Control Voltage generator: Maths
  • Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
  • Dual Low Pass Gate: Optomix
  • Balanced Modulation: modDemix
  • Voltage Controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Morphagene
  • modeless, continuously variable voltage controlled reverb: Erbe-Verb
  • 7U case w/ power supply and AC Adapter, Ready to Play
  • Ships with 30 Ad Infinitum patch cables
  • Free blanking panels as appropriate
  • Comes with Lid, Highly portable, Meets requirements for carry-on luggage

Shared System Demo

Make Noise Black And Gold Shared System from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

This patch features nearly all modules of the Shared System. Phonogene is used to capture a few seconds of raw oscillator sound, "arpeggiated" by manually controlling the Gene Size parameter. Phonogene and DPO are then summed through Optomix and processed through Echophon and Erbe Verb (each modulated with Wogglebug's various random voltage outputs) to add a squishy, amorphous ambience to their otherwise simple timbres. Using Wogglebug and Maths as clock sources to advance Rene and strike Optomix, the patch's rhythmic components weave in and out of sync to form a spacy mass of evolving melodic and rhythmic haze. The CV bus keeps signal routing as discreet as possible, leaving key controls uncluttered by multicolor spaghetti.

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  • Eurorack Modular Complete System
  • 7U Case, 208 HP Total Available, 190 HP Utilized
  • Dimensions (with Lid): 22.25” x 14” x 7.25”
  • Weight: 18 lbs

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