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m669 Analog Artifact Synth & FX 14HP

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Item: N13-3741



m669 Analog Artifact Synth & FX 14HP


The Trogotronic ’m/669 Analog Artifact Module’ is a M-Series synthesizer voice and audio artifacts effects module. From leviathan drones to blistering staccato attacks in standalone operation or modulated within a system the m/669 module offers creative options for Eurorack modular users. Possibilities are endless from neon modulations to severe overdriven gating as an effect - this Rack-Jacker version of the ‘669cv Bosshog Mini Synth’ showcases analog sonic breadth at it’s most extraordinary!

Analog Audio Artifacts: Event Horizons of Sonic Singularities!

From heavy-water nuclear drones to shocking flash-bang ordnance (and green-blooded arthropods everywhere in-between) m/669 delivers 14hp of Euro-Format ALL-Analog SMUT unmatched by “Disney-DSP” rectangles.

With a presence more sickening than a platter of polonium sushi the m/669 Bosshog module is the most untamed sonic provocateur ever offered. With more than 200% more performance controls & a modular friendly eight input CV bank (7 of which are vactrol circuits) Trogotronic has issued the new m/669 Bosshog with a prehistoric grunt.  


  • All Analog Circuit
  • Implement alone as Aggressive Voltage Controlled Audio Signal Source
  • Implement alone as Triple High-Harmonic VCO Drone / Dissonant Screech Source
  • Use to Trigger Prolonged Complex Events via Voltage Controlled Thrust Parameter
  • Patch through a Sequenced VCA for Rhythmic Depravity
  • Implement as Voltage Controlled External Audio Effektor in series with Signal-Chain
  • Implement as Voltage Controlled External Audio Effektor “Side-Chained” in parallel
  • 3 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Array
  • 3 Master Oscillator Controls
  • 3 Voltage Controlled Analog Audio Artifact Generator Array
  • 1 Volume Control
  • 3 Modulator Patches
  • 3 Patch Modulator Switch
  • Voltage Controlled Thrust Parameter
  • 4 Light Indicator Array
  • 8 CV Inputs
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits = Organic CV Response
  • Audio Signal Input for Unique Side-Chain or Solo FX Duties (Input for Audio Effektor / Modification)
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits
  • Included Parts and Accessories: m/669 Analog Synth Module, Printed Instruction Manual, Owner’s Card, Marque Decal, Subhuman Slogan Bumper Sticker, 7” Ribbon Connector, 4 Mounting Screws, 1 Screwdriver

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 14 HP Width
  • 40mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 85mA @ +12V

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