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LZX Industries Shapechanger Shape Generator

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LZX Industries Shapechanger

The Shapechanger, from LZX, is a complex analog computing module designed to help produce shapes in two dimensions. Shapechanger can take two continuous input voltages, and translate them to X and Y points on a screen, with the ability to process size, aspect ratio, symmetry, width, height, and curve of the resulting shape. When paired with the Navigator, one can decide the positioning and rotation of the 2D figure. 

Shapechanger Features

  • 12 wideband analog multipliers and a dual channel signal path from input to output
  • Voltage controlled aspect ratio allows morphs from rectangles to square and diamond shape
  • Voltage controlled symmetry allows morphs from squares to elongated diamonds and kites
  • Voltage controlled size performs high gain multiplication for a zooming effect
  • Voltage controlled gamma curve allows continuous morphing from star to square to circle
  • Signal path performs at high frequency, video rate speeds from input to output
  • AC/DC input coupling switches and inverting level attenuators on all voltage control inputs
  • Separate mask (flat shape) and gradient (linear shape) outputs provide flexible tools for compositing and colorization
  • Dedicated H & V outputs for chained processing or vector rescanning techniques
  • Eurorack Video Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current Draw: 220mA@+/-12V
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