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Sensory Translator 5CH Audio Envelope Follower - 16HP

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Item: N13-5264

Sensory Translator 5CH Audio Envelope Follower - 16HP


The Sensory Translator is the new 5 channel envelope follower, with each channel being a bandpassed frequency band. This draws out Control Voltage based off the volume each of the specific frequency bands, pulling out the rainbow of modulation which can be patched with any other eurorack synthesizer modules. 

There is an audio input with a gain knob, as well as a switch between Line Level signals and Modular level signals, to accommodate any kind of incoming audio signal. There is also a built-in omnidirectional microphone in case there is no audio input patched in. The internal microphone is disconnected once another microphone signal is plugged into the Microphone input. A volume pad for the microphone input changes the volume bias between +20db and -20dB, and when combined with the Gain knob, provides the ultimate gain staging for incoming audio. 

There are audio outputs for each bandpass, as well as its envelope contour as CV. Switches for each of the channels determine the character of the Envelope Followers, with either a fast slew rate or a slow one, providing slow changes or fast and frantic ones. 


  • Omnidirectional electret microphone mounted on front panel
  • Three preamp gain settings 
  • External audio input selectable between line and modular level voltages
  • 2-input mixer including EQ with Bass and Treble levels
  • Five 4-Pole precision bandpass filters
  • Each bandpass filter has a 2-Octave bandwidth
  • Five envelope followers with three decay speed settings
  • Dedicated LED indicators for each channel
  • Selectable Impulse mode for Beat-to-Trigger detection

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current Draw: 80mA@+12V, 70mA@-12V

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