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Lorre-Mill Double Knot

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Lorre-Mill Double Knot

The Double Knot is a 100% analog desktop modular synthesizer and sequencer with a large amount of indeterministic and random possibilities. The Double Knot's stereo, dual voice architecture allows it to be used to generate a wide variety of abstract rhythms from the interplay of its two sequencers, and both oscillators can be used to intermodulate at both CV and audio-rate frequencies. A great way to generate minimal and pointillistic grooves

Double Knot Features

  • Desktop Modular Synth
  • Two triangle/square wave oscillators with a 0.8hz~20khz frequency range
  • Two voice architecture with FM capabilities
  • Dual 8-stage shift register sequencers
  • Clock input and output
  • Banana Cable patch matrix
  • Stereo 3.5mm audio out
  • 3.5mm Clock I/O
Product Demo Videos
Double Knot and Cutting Room Floor
Lorre-Mill Double Knot sending stereo out to two Recovery Cutting Room Floor Delay/Reverbs for extreme stereo sounds.

The most original and versatile release from Recovery Effects to date. Unlike any effect you’ve heard before, it offers mountains of wild modulation, delay, freeze and stutter. Anything from light lo-fi chorus to broken-tape-deck sounds can be achieved with this unique pedal. Melt, then freeze tones in place, or use it as a gritty echo or faux reverb.
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