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LinnStrument MIDI Controller

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LinnStrument MIDI Controller
LinnStrument MIDI Controller LinnStrument MIDI Controller LinnStrument MIDI Controller LinnStrument MIDI Controller LinnStrument MIDI Controller

Roger Linn Linnstrument MIDI Controller

The LinnStrument is one of the most expressive MIDI controllers for musical performances. With the ability to track finger movements in three dimensions, you can finally have the subtleties of a fine acoustic instruments in your electronic performances.

The LinnStrument can track your finger movements on the Z axis - Pressure & Velocity, X axis - Left / Right, and the Y axis - Forward / Backward. The Z axis allows the LinnStrument to sense the pressure and velocity of each press, allowing for the fine control over each note's loudness. The X axis allows the LinnStrument to control pitch, without the need for pitch bend and mod wheels. Simply slide your finger from one note to another for pitch bend, or wiggle your finger for vibrato. The Y axis lets the LinnStrument provide variation in timbre, such as variations in the waveform of an oscillator, or any other MIDI parameter you can imagine, such as a filter. Finally, expressive filter control that allows you to keep both hands on your instrument to keep jamming.

The notes are arranged like that of a stringed instrument instead of a piano. Each one of the eight rows consists of two octaves of consecutive semitones, however you can tune the rows as you please just like on a guitar or violin. The default tuning of fourths like on a bass guitar are what most LinnStrumentalists use.

Linnstrument Features

  • MIDI messages sent: Note On/Off with velocity; Pressure sent as either Channel Pressure, Poly Pressure or CC of your choosing; X-axis (left-right) movements sent as Pitch Bend, including pitch slides across multiple note pads; Y-axis (forward-backward) movements sent as CC of your choosing.  Limited to the 17 mm vertical dimension of each note pad
  • MIDI Modes: One Channel: All notes sent over a single MIDI channel; Channel Per Note: Each touch is sent over its own MIDI channel; Channel Per Row: Each row's touches are sent over a separate MIDI channel 
  • MIDI Input accepts MIDI Clock (for arpeggiator sync), full NRPN control of all internal parameters, CC full control of all lights
  • LEDS: Each of the 200 note pads and 8 control buttons has an independently-controlled RGB (red/green/blue) LED
  • Permitted colors: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow

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  • Dimensions: 22.4" (570 mm) x 8.22" (209 mm) x 1" (25.4 mm)
  • Steel and Aluminum chassis, with cherry wood side pieces
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Inputs/Outputs: USB Type B jack; MIDI Input and MIDI Output jack; Foot Switch jack: 1/4" TRS, dual or single foot switch, normally-closed or normally-open; Power Input jack: 7.5 to 12 volts, AC, DC center-positive or center-negative, at least 500 mA
  • 4 guitar strap buttons for use with a standard guitar strap
  • Includes soft padded and zippered travel case with accessory pouch, USB cable. Power supply is not included unless requested. Power supply is rarely needed because LinnStrument is USB bus powered--even by lightning-equipped iPad/iPhone--or from any USB power adapter when using MIDI jacks
  • No computer software or drivers necessary except for external sound generation. (All settings adjustable on panel.)

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