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Kush Audio Tweaker Mono VCA Compressor with Sidechain Shaper

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Kush Audio Tweaker

From simple vocal smoothing to chunky, distinctly punchy drums, the Kush Audio Tweaker is a highly capable compressor capable of delivering both ends of the spectrum. Boasting a single-channel VCA, the compressor affords a wide range of analog compression that ranges from temperate to undeniably contentious. There are also a powerful sidechain and wet/dry mix controls perfect for lending some additional attitude. 

Tweaker Features

  • Discrete-VCA, single-channel compressor with Variable Drive
  • Sidechain shaper lets you focus which frequencies the compression targets
  • Curve function adjusts both ratio and knee, going from soft 2:1 to hard 30:1
  • Chose from fast single-stage to a vintage, opto-style dual-stage release
  • Wet/dry Mix knob enables easy onboard parallel compression
  • 19" Rack Discrete-VCA Mono Compressor
  • High torque 21-step fully detented pots
  • Unique 'Sidechain Shaper' focuses compression on desired frequency bands
  • Simultaneous ratio and knee adjustment,
  • From 2:1 soft-knee to 30:1 hard knee limiting
  • Variable Attack: from 10 microseconds to 70 milliseconds.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of Input, Output and Gain Reduction levels.
  • Switchable Release: Fast Single Stage and Vintage Opto-style Dual Stage
  • Single-Stage Release: 20ms-500ms
  • Dual-Stage Release: 500ms-7500ms
  • Linkable Stereo operation
  • XLR & 1/4" TRS balanced I/O
  • 240V & 120V compatible
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