Mini Kaoss Pad 2S

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Mini Kaoss Pad 2S
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S Mini Kaoss Pad 2S Mini Kaoss Pad 2S


A beefed-up mini kaoss pad 2, the mini kaoss pad 2S (“S” stands for sampler) is a powerful DJ effect unit with a compact form factor. It includes the well known KORG touchpad, which allows users to intuitively control 100 different effects, and a sampler section that makes it simple to load and trigger a wide array of sounds. Whether users are playing or performing, they'll have more fun than ever with the powerful mini kaoss pad 2S.

The freshly added sampler feature lets users prepare sound effects or voice samples, and use them in DJ work or live performance. According to specific needs, users can choose from three modes of playback: One Shot, Gate, and Loop. Users can also change the playback speed (pitch change) and determine the playback start point (cue point). In addition, the sample recorder allows users to capture sounds that are input through either the line in or the built-in mic. Users can also use the unit as a conventional audio player; save favorite songs on a card and utilize the mini kaoss pad 2S to apply effects just for fun. No other equipment is required.

Users can intuitively control effects in real-time by swiping the touch pad with a fingertip. There are one hundred built-in effect programs, perfect for DJ mixing and controlling the sound.


  • Over 100 different programs/presets to choose from
  • Program categories ranging from filters to LFOs, to reverbs, to synthesizers
  • 6 preset audio demo sample loops in six different styles. 
  • Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
  • 24-Bit Linear Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion

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  • Dimensions: 76mm x 128mm x 25mm / 2.99"x5.04"x0.98"
  • Weight: 100 g / 3.53 oz
  • Power Supply: 2x AA Batteries, or 4.5V DC

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