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Korg Kross 88 Keyboard Workstation

N13- KorgKross88
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Korg Kross 88

Though described as an “entry-level” workstation, the Korg Kross is a powerful and capable upgrade of the X50, with a sound engine derived from Korg’s acclaimed Krome workstation and an editing platform inspired by their renowned Electribe modules. The Kross features a 16-track sequencer, two channel audio recording (with endless overdubs), mic input, seven effects that can be used simultaneously, the ability to be powered by an external adapter or 6 AA batteries. 

This is the 88-key version. 

Kross 88 Features

  • Stylish and distinctive red and black two-tone color design
  • The lightweight body is only 4.3 kg/9.5 lbs
  • Can be powered by 6x AA batteries
  • Piano, electric piano, and drum sounds that exceed its class
  • A wide variety of sounds that utilize twice as much PCM memory as previous instruments, and meet the needs of a broad range of musical styles
  • Sound Selector makes it easy to find the sound you're looking for
  • Favorites function lets you register 64 selected sounds or audio songs for one-touch access - a great feature for live performances
  • Pro-quality EDS-i sound engine built-in, with a total of seven effects available for simultaneous use
  • External input jacks allow a mic or external audio source to be directly connected.
  • Quick Layer/Split function for on-the-fly versatility
  • Stereo audio recorder allows you to record and overdub your performances and vocals
  • Step sequencer inherited from the Electribe, a 16-track MIDI sequencer, a drum track, and an arpeggiator
  • Connects to your computer via USB for plug-in integration with your favorite DAW
  • 88-key: NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) Velocity Sensitive Keyboard
  • The NH keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, with a heavier feel in the low register and a lighter feel in the upper register.
  • 80 voices (80 Oscillators)
  • 112 MB Memory
  • 421 multi-samples (including 6 Stereo multi-samples)
  • 890 drum samples (including 49 Stereo drum samples)
  • Four types of filter routing (single, serial, parallel, 24 dB)
  • Two multi-mode filters per oscillator (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject)
  • Two envelope generators (Filter & Amp)
  • Two LFOs
  • Two key tracking generators (Filter & Amp)
  • Two AMS mixers
  • Pitch EG
  • Common LFO
  • Two common key tracking generators
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Modulation wheel
  • 5 Insert Effects (stereo in/out)
  • 2 Master Effects (stereo in/out)
  • 74 types for Insert Effect
  • 101 types for Master Effect 1
  • 120 types for Master Effect 2
  • Stereo side chain (Limiter, Gate, Vocoder, etc)
  • Polyphonic Arpeggiator
  • Step Sequencer
  • Drum Track with Sequencer
  • Master Keyboard Functionality
  • External MIDI device control
  • User: 640 Program (512 Preload)
  • User: 384 Combination (256 Preload)
  • User: 48 Drum Kit (32 Preload)
  • Preset: 256 GM2 Program + 9 GM2 Drums Program
  • Recording format: PCM Audio format (48 kHz / 16-bit)
  • Import: WAV (.wav): 44.1 kHz / 16-bit, 48 kHz / 16-bit, Stereo
  • Export: WAV (.wav): 48 kHz / 16-bit
  • Recording time: Depends on the SD card that is used; approximately 90 minutes per 1 GB
  • Audio Output: 1/4 inch Unbalanced
  • Headphone Output: 3.5mm Stereo mini phone jack
  • Audio Input (Line In): 3.5mm Stereo mini phone jack
  • Mic In: 1/4" Phone jack, Unbalanced
  • MIDI In & Out
  • USB
  • SD Card Slot
  • AC Adaptor (DC9V) or 6 AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 37.09 x 11.06 x 3.58 inches / 942 × 281 × 91 mm
  • Weight: 9.48 lbs. / 4.3 kg
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