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Koma Elektronik
Poltergeist Quadraphonic Audio/CV Mixer

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Item: N13-5324

Poltergeist Quadraphonic Audio/CV Mixer


Koma Elektronik's new all-in-one mixer module, The Poltergeist, is something that combines all of the classic utility modules such as VCAs, Mixers, and Panners into one compact quadraphonic output module.  Koma is constantly pushing the envelope with giant multi function modules, such as the Komplex Sequencer. The Poltergeist is no exception. Built with performance in mind, large knobs are easy to locate and adjust sounds into a 360 degree sonic field. Clickless Mute and Solo buttons are also easy to impliment in real time, with LEDs providing backlighting for all buttons. Panning controls and VCA levels both have CV inputs with dedicated attenuators. For those who can't quite swing the full quadraphonic setup, there is a switch that converts everything to Stereo, making it more applicable for standard speaker setups. 


  • Signal inputs for each channel, AC coupled for incoming Audio signals
  • Each Audio In has dedicated Gain control knobs
  • A "Field" control adds an inverted version of the input to all mixer outputs; bypasses VCA
  • Origin controls how much pan modulation is taken from the Master Origin input
  • Master Origin control modulates the "entire scene" 
  • In quad mode, the large pan control knobs have a 360 degree range, in stereo, 180 degrees (Left and Right)
  • Clickless Solo and Mute buttons
  • Inputs for Pan and VCA control with dedicated attenuators
  • Four Master outputs
  • Auxiliary Stereo input for external audio
  • Slope control changes distribute style between outputs
  • Switch between Quad and Stereo mode


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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 28HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current Draw: 510mA@+12V; 460mA@-12V

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