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Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal

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Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal
Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal


The Keeley ‘Dynatrem’ is a dynamic Tremolo and Reverb Pedal based on an all new type of tremolo design that is dynamic and responsive to input signal/playing. Users’ playing controls the Rate and Depth. The harder users play, the more Dynatrem responds. Play softly and the pedal relaxes. Set the sensitivity with Rate or Depth controls and players will gain access to an unparalleled ability to be expressive with guitars and tremolos.

The Dynatrem offers three modes of operation. In Dynamic Rate Mode - the user’s playing strength controls the Rate; the harder the user plays the faster it modulates, relax and play softly and the tremolo almost stops. In Dynamic Depth Mode – play gently and the pedal barely throbs, play aggressively and the tremolo pulses hard and deep. In Harmonic Tremolo/Reverb Mode the pedal has that phaser/vibey, soulful and sweet sound! Keeley has crafted their own circuits to give players a sound that is sinfully good – slippery and smooth, users won’t want to gig without it – add Reverb by adjusting the SHAPE control.

With a spin of the SHAPE control users get 4 wave-forms: Ramp Up, Sine Wave, Ramp Down, and Square Wave. Or, when in Harmonic Tremolo Mode the Shape control is Reverb!


  • Integrated noise reduction – developed with the code to reduce noise swells common with tremolo circuit, users get the quietest effect possible.
  • Level Output Volume Control – Can be set for a boost for stand out effect
  • Tremolo Rate Control
  • Tremolo Waveform Shape Control (Reverb amount when in Tremolo + Reverb Mode)
  • Tremolo Depth Amount Control
  • 3 Modes of Operation – Dynamic Rate Mode, Dynamic Depth Mode, Harmonic Tremolo + Reverb Mode (Selectable by front facing Switch)
  • LED Indication
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Keeley Quality Engineering
  • 100% Made in Edmond, OK, USA

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  • True Bypass
  • Width (Not Counting Jacks) – 2.35″
  • Height (Not Counting Jacks) – 4.41″
  • Standard 9V DC (center-negative) connection

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