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JHS Pedals Alpine Reverb Pedal

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JHS Pedals Alpine

The Alpine, from JHS Pedals, is an inherently versatile reverb pedal with straightforward front panel controls, a compact size, and a formidable sonic imprint. The unit is extremely easy to use, with a layout that favors on-the-fly tweaking that makes it ideal for novices and professionals alike. It features controls for Reverb, a high-pass filter, Depth, and Shift. There's also an integrated FX loop for the incorporation of external sounds into the signal path.

Alpine Features

  • Reverb control is essentially a wet/dry mix knob that lets you set the perfect balance and feel to how saturated the effect feels.
  • Highs control functions like a high-pass filter.  Highs roll off and let you darken or brighten the overall effect when its engaged. 
  • Depth control adjusts the size or space of the reverb. 
  • Shift knob is possibly the most useful of them all as it basically allows two settings on the fly. When you engage the "shift' footswitch on the right you also engage the "Shift" knob that is a second "Reverb" control. 
  • FX Loop within the pedal allows you to add any variety of sound to the reverb!
  • Buffered Bypass allows the reverberated signal to trail off instead of abruptly ending.
  • This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power 
  • Power Consumption around 100mA
  • Measures 4.7"x3.7"x1.2"
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