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Intellijel Designs uMod II Ring Modulator & Logic

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Intellijel uMod II

Intellijel’s uMod II is a stellar ring modulator with a couple of twists. The core of the module was inspired by the original uMod designed by David Dixon and features an X and Y input, two polarity switches for each input, and four analog logic outputs for extensive audio and CV madness. 

uMod II Features

  • Dual Linear VCA based Ring Modulator
  • Four Analog Logic outputs: SUM (adds X and Y), DIFF (subtracts X and Y), MIN (analog logic equivalent to ‘AND’), MAX (analog logic equivalent to ‘OR’)
  • Polarity switches for x (carrier) and y (modulator) inputs
  • QUADRANT control allows you to shift the multiplication into positive or negative quadrants
  • Changing the Q value in fm adds the signal frequencies back into the sum+difference frequencies (typical output of a rigmod) which adds richness to the classic ringmod sound and allows for many variations of bell tones, chimes and mallet-type timbres
  • Can be used as a linear vca
  • Great for waveshaping (especially two synced audio sources)
  • Excellent for CV mangling using combinations of the attenuators, rectifier switches and logic outputs
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 35mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 41mA @ +/-12V
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