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Intellijel Designs Linix Hex Linear VCA & Mixer

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Intellijel Linix

The Linix is Intellijel’s follow-up to the discontinued Hex VCA. It features 6 linear VCA circuits, each with CV attenuation and BIAS controls. The first five channels are normaled to a summing amplifier that is linked to the input of the sixth channel, meaning that the module’s Master Sum is CV’able! Each output can be subtracted from the master mix simply by patching into its respective output. In the event that the outputs to all other channels are patched, the sixth channel will act as an independent VCA.

The module features a header on the back for convenient routing to the six inputs of Intellijel’s Mutamix 6 CH CV & Audio Mixer module.

Linix Features

  • 6 CH Mixer with Voltage Controlled Amplification
  • High Quality 2164 based Linear VCAs
  • Voltage control of master volume available
  • Patching out of an output breaks that channel from the sum mix
  • LED's for each channel
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16 HP
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current Draw: 88mA @ +12V, 84mA @ -12V
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