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Intellijel Designs Jellysquasher Analog Compressor + Tone Shaper

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Intellijel Jellysquasher

For those looking to add a slick 100% analog compressor to their Eurorack modular setup: meet the Jellysquasher. This module brings studio-quality compression and advanced tone shaping to the Eurorack environment. It features Side Chain, LP/BP/HP Side Chain filtering, and controls governing Compression Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release parameters. 

Additionally, the front panel features knobs corresponding to Input Level, Makeup Gain, and Wet/Dry Mix. The three buttons on the top of the module introduce analog emulations of Tube (non-linear distortion), Tape (symmetrical distortion), and XFORM (which modifies the transformer feedback circuit by increasing the low end). All three of these circuits can be combined, leading to a plethora of sonic possibilities.

Jellysquasher Features

  • 100% analog signal path and sidechain feedforward compressor 
  • Unique (log based RMS) detector
  • Output routed through a specially selected Edcor transformer with highly desirable saturation qualities.
  • Three carefully designed analog circuits to impose specific character on the output signal: TUBE adds non-linear distortion providing second order harmonics; TAPE adds symmetrical distortion providing both even and odd harmonics; XFRM modifies the transformer feedback circuit, giving a boost to low bass content
  • All three color circuits can be engaged in any combination to react differently based on the input drive level and makeup gain
  • Sidechain routed through a voltage controllable SVF filter with LP, BP and HP modes. A trimmer on the PCB allows you to adjust Q. This filter can be used independently of the rest of the module.
  • External sidechain input allows triggering of the compressor with external sources.
  • Link IN/OUT allows two Jellysquashers to be chained together for stereo operation.
  • Full CV control of sidechain cutoff, threshold, ratio, attack time, release time, and makeup gain.
  • Wet/Dry control allows for “New York” style compression where there is a blend of the dry and compressed output signal.
  • LED bargraph with selectable display modes to view the signal level in VU or the gain reduction in dB.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 18HP
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current Draw: 134mA@+12V, 120mA@-12V
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