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Intellijel Designs
Cylonix Shapeshifter Complex Wavetable VCO - 26HP

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Cylonix Shapeshifter Complex Wavetable VCO - 26HP

Intellijel Cylonix Shapeshifter VCO

Perhaps one of the most fruitful and legendary results from collaboration between Intellijel and Cylonix—the Shapeshifter is a complex dual wavetable VCO featuring a powerful FPGA board loaded with unique features and extensive modulation and control possibilities, including the ability to generate 64 user-selectable chords, AM, FM, and PM. If that’s not enough, each oscillator can be independently output and routed to other areas of the module for the creation of mind-bending timbres and textures. 

A sound designer’s dream, each VCO can access 128 wavetable banks, each containing 8 512-sample waveforms (yes, that’s 1024 waves!). Waveform choice from within a particular bank is entirely CV’able, resulting in an abundant variety of possible waveshapes.

The heart of the Shapeshifter is its preset sequencing and morphing capabilities. The module features 12 user-programmable preset slots (meaning they are saved when the module is powered off) and 52 volatile slots. Far from being a simple way to store settings, the idea of the preset mode is to give users a way to create complex timbres that can then be stepped through as a sequence. How the module steps through these presets is determined by a combination of the sync settings and a trigger or gate signal at the Sync input. Additionally, users can “shapeshift” between their current settings and another preset via the module’s Morph knob, which serves as an invaluable performance tool capable of eliciting tasteful changes with a simple turn.  

Cylonix Shapeshifter VCO Features

  • Preset sequencing and morphing
  • Extremely high resolution TZFM
  • Delay based resonator,
  • 64 band vocoder mode
  • Special audiorate modulation modes (MOD A)
  • Analog wavefolder
  • Extensive sync, pulse and modB options
  • Detuneable 8 note chords and tons more
  • Added a GATE mode to the Perc. Mode. When you press the Perc. Mode button twice, the SYNC input acts as a gate instead of as a trigger, allowing the sound to be sustained as along as the sync input is high.
  • Corrected logic out state (inverted in previous version).
  • 4 new MODA destinations, swapping Osc2 by Osc1 in the Phase, Combo, and Shape destinations, and swapping the Carrier and Modulator in the vocoder.
  • Changed the modulation range for the Phase modulation (by MODA) and the Tilt function (internal self-phase modulation of Osc1), increased 4-fold.
  • Fixed: The pitch of oscillator 2 increased when changing the Multi mode with QUANT turned on. The pitch now remains constant over all multi modes.
  • Users can now choose between just intonation or equal temperament tunings in chord mode.
  • Holdsync mode has been changed to do holdsync for osc1 and oneshot for osc2.
  • A confirmation message is now displayed when a preset is loaded.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 26 HP
  • Depth: 44mm
  • Current Draw: 195mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V

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