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7U 84HP Performance Case

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7U 84HP Performance Case
7U 84HP Performance Case 7U 84HP Performance Case 7U 84HP Performance Case 7U 84HP Performance Case


NOTE: The 1U row in this case is only compatible with Intellijel 1U modules. Pulp Logic, Synthrotek and Vermona 1U modules are not compatible with this case.

The Intellijel 7U performance case is a portable and sturdy aluminum powered eurorack case that is 84hp wide and has two 3U rows for regular modules and one 1U row for utility modules. The case also includes a lid and shoulder strap for transporting and comes with a power brick. There are connections on the back of the case with four 1/4" audio jacks, midi in/out and thru and a USB jack these jacks can be connected to Intellijel 1U modules for easy interfacing with equipment outside of the case. There is an optional joiner to connect two of these cases together as well.


  • Two 84 hp rows (6U) of Eurorack module space
  • One 84 hp row for our 1U modules
  • Threaded M3 strips for mounting modules
  • Four 1/4″ audio jacks that can be connected to the Audio I/O 1U, two ins and two outs
  • MIDI In, Out, and Thru jacks, the In jack can be connected to the µMIDI 1U and will pass to the Thru, the Out is for future expansion
  • USB port that connects to the µMIDI 1U and other future modules
  • Rocker switch and barrel plug for power entry
  • Solid plastic carrying handle
  • Detachable nylon carrying strap
  • Anodized aluminum lid with latches, deep enough to close the case with cables patched in
  • Retractable feet that can support the case at two different angles, or lay the case flat on a table
  • Plastic feet for resting the case on the table
  • Rubber feet on bottom side of lid so the case can stand vertically with the lid attached
  • Spring-loaded latching accessory slots on top and bottom of the case, the slots can be used to attach two cases together and for the carrying strap

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  • Eurorack Case
  • Width: 84HP
  • Height: 7U (two 3U and one 1U row)
  • Depth: 70mm, 53mm above highest part of bus board
  • Weight: 3.8 kg with lid, 4.3 kg with lid and power adapter
  • +12V Current: 3A
  • -12V Current: 3A
  • +5V Current: 1.5A

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