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Hexinverter Red Dragon Morphing VCF

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Hexinverter Red Dragon

The Hexinverter Red Dragon is a 24dB/Oct 4-pole low-pass filter constructed around a unique Soviet filter core. The filter is undoubtedly more vibrant than precise, which is not to suggest that it’s lacking in precision. It’s resonance is particularly interesting and capable of everything from bubbly sounds to alien shrieks. The filter cascades four of the resonant stages, which can also be morphed between 6dB and 24dB for quick changes to the filter slope. 

Red Dragon Features

  • Rich 4-pole filtering with a control set made just for modular synthesizers
  • Bipolar attenuverters on its many CV inputs
  • Voltage controlled resonance
  • Resonance is capable of self-oscillation
  • A resonance clipping switch can tame the resonance feedback at extreme settings, resulting in different tone
  • Built in VCA (with disable) after filter saves you the use of a dedicated VCA module
  • Signal and CV levels optimised for the contemporary eurorack modular system (+/-5V CV, 10Vpp+ audio)
  • Morph between 6dB and 24dB filter slopes, or set it in-between. While 24dB excels at meaty bass sounds, the brighter filter slope of 6dB is sometimes desirable for signals with higher frequency content
  • Filter morphing is voltage controlled, and results in some interesting effects when modulated
  • A dual colour LED indicates filter morph position and VCA level
  • Built-in filter core overdrive at the input stage allows you to vary your signal's level up to full saturation. No need to boost signal level before filtering for those classic overdriven sounds!
  • Voltage control of input drive lets you modulate the saturation of the filter over time. Useful for the "velocity" modulation needed to produce acidic basslines!
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 35mA@+/-12V
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