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Mutant Clap Drum - 13HP

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Mutant Clap Drum - 13HP


The MCP was inspired by one of everyone's favorite analogue drum machine synthesis designs. The hand clap sound has been a staple of house, hip-hop and dance music, and more recently has found its way into some of the more modern EDM genres like trap and witch house. Regardless of the musical style, the sound used has been pretty much the same re-sampled clap tone in every track for the last couple of decades. This was probably because the original drum machine had only one control the user could adjust for the whole clap sound: volume! That was not okay with Hexinverter, so, the Mutant Clap was born.

The MCP features an entire panel stuffed with controls, modulation inputs and audio outputs so you can sculpt a truly unique sound. If you become bored by the built-in classic 909-style LFSR noise generator that makes up the meat of the clap sound, you can plug in your own sound source to the external audio input and apply it to the unique clap circuitry, for totally alien percussion. The MCP also doubles as a voltage controlled noise oscillator, which you can use as a VCO in your system when you are not making clap sounds!


  • Feature-rich
  • Analogue Handclap Percussion Synthesis reminiscent of the 909
  • Chiptune-like alien sounds
  • Doubles as a voltage controlled, Commodore64-sounding noise VCO
  • Built in Internal Reverb Effect (NOT DSP!) derived from Clap Tone
  • Reverb Decay
  • Pitch CV Input
  • Internal and External noise sources
  • Sustain control
  • Drive Control
  • Bandpass Filter Cutoff Control (not voltage controlled)
  • Bandpass Filter Output

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 13HP Width
  • 35mm Depth
  • +12v: 75mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 35mA Current Draw

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