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Galilean Moons Dual Function Generator and VCA - 18HP DIY Kit

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Galilean Moons Dual Function Generator and VCA - 18HP DIY Kit

Hexinverter Galilean Moons Dual Function Generator and VCA DIY Kit

NOTE: This is for a DIY project and will require assembly. Listing includes PCB + FRONT PANEL + ALL NECESSARY COMPONENTS TO ASSEMBLE. This is a full kit.

Due to the nature of DIY projects, no returns allowed on kits that have been attempted to be assembled or with missing components.

This is a DIY kit for building the Hexinverter Galilean Moons Dual Amplitude Transmitter. It includes all parts necessary for constructing the module. 

The Hexinverter Galilean Moons is a dual amplitude transmutator that utilizes envelopes and VCAs to manipulate the amplitude of incoming signals. The primary focus of the module is converting external audio signals into percussive sounds, though it can be used for a variety of other tasks, including the generation of more traditional synthesizer timbres. 

Each of the module’s “moons” features a voltage-controlled AD envelope, each with a dedicated linear VCA. Additionally, the envelopes are switchable from AD to ASR to LFO. The module’s VCA section is capable of functioning independently but can also be normalled to Hexinverter’s Jupiter Storm module via expansion cable. 

Each of the module’s sections can be used independently simply by breaking the internal connections by patching a cable into the respective input. This opens the module to a variety of uses beyond its initial intentions.

Galilean Moons DIY Kit Features

  • DIY Kit comes with all parts needed
  • Two voltage controlled digital functions (envelopes), each normalised to their own low-distortion linear, DC-coupled voltage controlled amplifier 
  • Each envelope offers percussive attack/decay, attack/sustain/release or looping (LFO) mode
  • Envelopes can each be linear or exponential
  • Enables a new noise output, “XOR”, if plugged into a Jupiter Storm behind the panel. (everything besides the XOR output works with or without a Jupiter Storm!)
  • VCA inputs are normalised to the newly-enabled XOR and main (“I”) output of Jupiter Storm when nothing else is plugged in
  • The envelopes and VCAs can be fully utilised elsewhere in your system by plugging into the corresponding function’s jacks
  • Great for synthesizing voltage controlled percussion and other effects

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  • 18HP
  • +88mA, -65mA
  • DIY Kit soldering required 

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