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Haken Audio
Continuum Fingerboard (Half Size)

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Item: N13-Haken-Continuum-Halfsize

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Continuum Fingerboard (Half Size)


The Haken Continuum Fingerboard is one of the rare cases where a self-contained electronic musical device truly stands on its own as a performable and expressive instrument. With its elegant design and remarkable touch response, the Continuum sounds like nothing else and plays like nothing else. Offering individual tone, pitch, and articulation control for each independent note, the Haken Continuum offers immediate expressivity unprecedented in electronic instruments.

One of the first instruments to implement multidimensional polyphonic expression, the Continuum features a continuous soft fabric surface which detects player touch in three dimensions: left to right (for pitch), up and down (for timbre) and pressure / force (for articulation). Combine this elegant and expressive capacity for detecting player input with the powerful sound and control mappings of the Eagan Matrix Synthesizer (the Continuum's DSP engine) and you have a new class of electronic instrument capable of all of the subtlety and nuanced expression one would expect from a professional acoustic instrument.

Sounds can be designed and response can be configured via the Continuum Editor. Allowing direct patching and control of the Eagan Matrix, the editor makes it possible to construct your own sounds with a Matrix patcher not unlike the workflow of old ARP and EMS synthesizers. The Continuum Editor also allows special MIDI configurations so you can use your Continuum with your preferred MIDI instruments and software.


  • Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression with a classic and elegant user interface
  • Built-in sound engine with expressive and articulate sounds at the ready
  • Intuitive and elegantly effective user interface
  • Continuum / Eagan Matrix editor makes customization of your Continuum's touch response and sounds simple
  • Interfaces with computer and external MIDI gear (when properly configured)

Haken Continuum Demo

Haken Continuum & OTO Bam reverb demo from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

A demo video showcasing the Haken Continuum Keyboard and the fantastic reverb of OTO Bam.

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  • Pitch Range Nearly 4 octaves (4610 cents)
  • Polyphony Internal maximum 32, Midi maximum 16
  • Pitch Resolution Better than 1 cent
  • Scan Interval 330 microseconds
  • Size 71 19 7.5 cm (28.4 7.5 3 in)
  • Weight 7.3 kg (16 lbs)
  • Power 40 watts, 110 or 220 vac
  • Interface Midi, headphone, AES3, i2c for CVC
  • Audio Output (Analog) 24 bit D/A, up to 5.1v p-p, 100 mW power
  • Audio Output (Digital) 24 bit AES3, 48 or 96 kHz sample rate or sync to AES3 input
  • Audio Input (Digital) 24 bit AES3, sample rates from 32 to 192 kHz

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