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Studio Electronics
Grainy Clamp-It Granular Oscillator - 19HP

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Item: N13-3757

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Grainy Clamp-It Granular Oscillator - 19HP


GRAINY CLAMP-IT is a granular and phase modulated additive oscillator—brand new heavy territory for Studio Electronics... we know; wait till you hear the stunning contrast it creates when paired with our discrete Class-A OSCILLATION module, and the inorganic to downright 1970's combo organy / CS-80-ish tones it can generate.

First Stage

Additive mixing of 4 harmonics using one of 16 waveforms, and one of 16 combinations of harmonics. 

Second Stage

Granular or phase modulated mixing of the signal from the first stage, with a sync option.

Back to the First Stage

Additive section with selection of 16 different combinations of harmonics. The harmonics can be based on a sinewave or on one of 15 other waveforms. There's a separate control for mixing the selected harmonics.

Back to the Second Stage

The second processing stage allows granular processing or phase distortion. Granular processing gives you control over grain length and grain position, and can produce sync, detune, and wave sequencing effects. Phase distortion allows the signal from stage one to "look up" non-linearly, and can produce thick detune sounds and wildly varying pitch/timbre effects.

Both settings have a choice of long buffer length (for wave sequencing effects) or short buffer length (for smoother detuned effects).


  • Wave Type control selects one of the 16 source waveforms
  • OT Type control combines 4 copies of the Wave Type and selects one of 16 variations of four overtones
  • OT Mix controls the mix of the four overtones, from lowest pitched to highest pitched dominance
  • The Detune control combines the resulting mix with a copy of itself and detunes it up to one octave
  • The Grain/PD control selects the next processing stage: Up = Granular, or Down = Phase Distortion
  • When switched to Grain, the Len/Pitch control sets the grain length, for pitch and sync effects
  • When switched to Grain, the Space/Amt control sets the spacing between grains, for detune/wave-sequence effects
  • When switched to Grain, the Fix switch in the up position lets the Len/Pitch control Pitch, when down controls sync
  • When switched to PD, the Len/Pitch knob controls the pitch of the processed sound
  • When switched to PD, the Space/Amt knob controls the amount of phase distortion

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  • Eurorack Module w/ standard power 12v power
  • Class A Circuit design
  • 19 HP Width
  • 35mm Depth (Including connectors)
  • Current Draw: 50mA max

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