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FXpansion BFD Expansion - Japanese Taiko Grooves

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Finally a library of powerful and majestic taiko sounds! Sonica has teamed up with FXpansion to bring the world of Taiko from their native land into BFD2.1.

Taiko groups have wowed audiences the world over with their visually arresting performances, earth-rumbling bass, pure percussive volume, dynamics, and rhythm. The unmistakable taiko sound has also gained acceptance in many applications far removed from traditional Japanese music. And yet the taiko — the king of Japanese traditional instruments — has been missing from the ranks of professional sound libraries. SONICA Instruments at last brings you the sound of the taiko in a carefully crafted FXpansion BFD2.1 library.

Japanese Taiko Percussion is the result of a fruitful collaboration between two creative forces. The taiko were played by Ikki Hino, leader of Wataiko Ikki, a taiko performance group that has toured the globe. Ikki’s unparalleled stick work lends stunning definition and character to every taiko beat.

The sound library was produced by Tomzuin H, a sound creator and composer who has been responsible for such professional sampling libraries as the FUEL series. Working from a meticulously laid-out plan with a focus on taiko ensemble playing, Tomzuin H painstakingly recorded and produced the Japanese Taiko Percussion expansion pack.

Uncompromising performances, recording, and authoring have led to a sound library that perfectly captures the real energy and quality of taiko.


  • The following palettes (multiple collections of grooves) are added to the JTP groove library once this pack is installed:
  • JTP Session01 Danjiri 110bpm
  • JTP Session02 Ensemble 80bpm
  • JTP Session03 Ensemble 90bpm
  • JTP Session04 Ensemble 104bpm
  • JTP Session07 Ensemble 120bpm
  • JTP Session09 Ensemble 150bpm
  • JTP Session15a 3-4 75bpm
  • JTP Session15b Solo 3-4 75bpm
  • JTP Session15c Solo 3-4 75bpm
  • JTP Session16a Solo 3-4 98bpm
  • JTP Session16b Solo 3-4 98bpm
  • JTP Session16c Solo 3-4 98bpm
  • JTP Session16d Solo 3-4 98bpm
  • JTP Session17a Solo 3-4 104 bpm
  • JTP Session17b Solo 3-4 104bpm
  • JTP Session17c Solo 3-4 104bpm
  • JTP Session17d Solo 3-4 104bpm
  • JTP Session17e Solo 3-4 104bpm
  • JTP Session18a Solo 3-4 145bpm
  • JTP Session18b Solo 3-4 145bpm
  • JTP Session18c Solo 3-4 145bpm
  • JTP Session18d Solo 3-4 145bpm
  • JTP Session18e Solo 3-4 145bpm
  • JTP Session19a Solo 104bpm
  • JTP Session19b Solo 104bpm
  • JTP Session20a Solo Shuffle 104bpm
  • JTP Session21a Solo 130bpm
  • JTP Session21b Solo 130bpm
  • JTP Session22a Solo Shuffle 130bpm
  • JTP Session22b Solo Shuffle 130bpm
  • JTP Session23a Solo 140bpm
  • JTP Session23b Solo 140bpm
  • JTP Session23c Solo 140bpm
  • JTP Session23d Solo 140bpm
  • JTP Session24a Solo Shuffle 140bpm
  • JTP Session24b Solo Shuffle 140bpm
  • JTP Session25a Solo 160bpm
  • JTP Session25b Solo 160bpm
  • JTP Session25c Solo 160bpm
  • JTP Session25d Solo 160bpm
  • JTP Session26a Solo Shuffle 160bpm
  • JTP Session26b Solo Shuffle 160bpm
  • Grooves for Taiko requires BFD 2.1
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