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Fonitronik mh11 ADC Pattern Sequencer

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The Fonitronik mh11 ADC Pattern Sequencer is a peculiar twist on the traditional eight step CV/gate sequencer. Its unique inclusion of an analog to digital converter to control activity per step allows for interesting means of gate manipulation via control voltage.

Each sequencer stage has a knob for CV out level and a three-position switch for the stage's status: on, off, and ADC. When switched on, the individual stages produce a CV and a gate/trigger. When off, no CV, gate, or trigger is generated. When switched to ADC, the module converts an analog control voltage into a reading for gate pattern. This way, each of the 256 potential combinations of per-stage status are addressable via CV. When any stage is switched to ""ADC,"" that stage will only be active if the corresponding ADC pattern has an active gate at that stage. Luckily, Fonitronik has included an LED display that shows which step is currently active as well as showing which stages have active gates for the current ADC pattern. Interestingly, the Pattern CV (PCV) input is perfectly comfortable accepting audio-rate signals, allowing the mh11 to breach into odd territory as a waveshaper/bitcrusher-like effect.

Fonitronik's mh11 ADC Pattern Sequencer is can be a straight-ahead CV/gate sequencer, a random gate generator, a harsh audio processor, a utility voltage processor, and more.


  • Eight step CV/Gate sequencer with three selectable activity modes per step
  • External inputs and manual buttons for clock, reset
  • External CV input for pattern selection
  • Built in attenuation and offset for incoming CV (with dedicated output for scaled 
  • voltage)
  • Separate gate and trigger outputs
  • Built in attenuator for limiting range of CV output
  • LED display for active step and current pattern selection
  • Panel size: 24hp
  • Maximum depth: 1.8 inches
  • Current draw: +70mA/-20mA
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