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FolkTek Resist Multi Function CV Attenuator

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Folktek Resist

The Folktek Resist is a compact module consisting of four buffered potentiometers routed to four 3-input headers. The module affords control over any current or impending Folktek modules that implement the header patchbay. It provides alternative functions depending on which modules it is connected to. 

Resist Features


  • Use jumpers to attenuate incoming CV/gate by jumping from CV in on Matter to Resist then to main 1-20 patchbay
  • Direct jumping from Matter main patchbay to Resist allows Matter to become a controllable drone synth as pitch, filter, resonance, noise controls all become possible
  • Add a CV sequence to established drone by jumping into Matter CV in and develop synchronized sequenced drone


  • Jump oscillations from Conduit to Resist and back to Conduit and there are now level controls for the oscillations
  • Attenuate incoming CV controlling vactrols to adjust power and intensity
  • Attenuate oscillations jumped to the delay input (which will also add control over the envelope follower (cv out)
  • Jump Conduit oscillations or delay out first to Resist, then to Matter to control Conduit levels in Matter circuitry 
  • 3HP
  • Module is passive, requiring no power
  • 2mm Depth
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