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FolkTek Matter Plug-in Card Set 1

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Folktek Matter Plug-in Card Set 1

The Folktek Matter plug-in card set alters the functionality of their Matter module, opening up the floodgates to unchartered realms of creativity and expression. To use the cards, plug them into Matter’s insert headers, then insert one into the card slot. Despite being unlabeled, a few of the trigger points function as audio points for internal manipulation options. This first set features the primary plug alongside seven cards. 

Matter Plug-in Card Set Features

  • Card 1 = SootUnadulterated Drone with four knobs to control the function. Cv input over one oscillation.
  • Card 2 = GranulesConverts Matter back into headers (This is great because with multiple "granules" cards, you can create your own presets). This also eliminates the need to unplug the main plug-in to get back into direct point to point patching.
  • Card 3 = PebblesSolder pads of all points to create your own preset function by simple point to point connection.
  • Card 4 = ConduitAll touch - designed to allow the touch points (harmonic oscillations) of the front touch panel for Conduit to play through the player and into Matter. This utilizes the internal filtering, drive and amplitude of Matter to manipulate the oscillation travelling through the body of the player.
  • Card 5 = MossReal dirty resonant filtering of external signals - two inexact filter shape knobs and a level knob.
  • Card 6 = SandDirects specific 8 patch points to jacks and adds 4 knobs to control the triggered sounds.
  • Card 7 = DustDirects specific 8 patch points to jacks and add 3 knobs to control the triggered sounds.
  • Requires Matter Module
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