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Ezhi & Aka Moomindrone T Drone Delay

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Ezhi & Aka Moomindrone T

The Moomindrone, from Ezhi & Aka, is an esoteric delay and drone pedal that aids in making extreme textures and atmospheres. It contains two tapable LFOs that can be used to modulate the delay time or the volume (to create a tremolo.) A handful of waveforms are available to modulate, going from subtle to extreme. 

The Moomindrone has 10 potentiometers, meaning there is a very large variety of settings to be utilized. Added on that are 2 inner pots, a tap footswitch, FSR pad, and three toggle switches for changing modes. Never before has a pedal had this much control!

Moomindrone T Features

  • Drone mixed with guitar signal
  • Two tapable LFOs
  • Multiple LFO waveshapes
  • Warm modulated delay
  • Many routing options
  • 10 potentiometers, 2 inner potentiometers, 3 toggle switches, tap footswitch, and FSR

Moomindrone-T Demo

Ezhi & Aki Moomidrone-T drone/delay pedal from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
  • True Bypass
  • Standard 9V Pedal Power
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