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CLX Dual Clock LFO Logic - 6HP

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CLX Dual Clock LFO Logic - 6HP


The Evaton ‘CLX’ features a Dual Clock, LFO, and Clocked Logic in a compact module. The CLX can provide dual clock sources with two independent, free-running, 50% duty-cycle square wave analog oscillators plus logic outputs. Each oscillator has its own frequency control knob, and a high and low frequency range, which is selectable via a toggle switch. The Frequency ranges from less than one cycle per second up into the low audio (several hundred hertz) range.

The CLX offers output for the Logical AND and Logical XOR (exclusive OR) of the two clocks. The AND output is high only when both the A and B clocks are high. The XOR output is high only when A is high or B is high, but not both. The logic outputs allow users to create some complex rhythmic material by using the ratio of the two clock rates to produce intricate repeating patterns of clocks.

All CLX outputs can also be used as gates for things like Envelope Generators, VCAs, etc. The XOR output becomes very interesting when used as a gate source, as the pulse width of the XOR signal varies and as the A and B clocks go in and out of phase.

The CLX outputs are unipolar square wave outputs, and can be used anywhere a square wave LFO would be used. Using the logic outputs allows users to create a dynamically-changing LFO.

Also, the CLX outputs go up into the audio frequency range, and can be used as fixed oscillators. The logic outputs sound very reminiscent of ring-modulated drones, as the AND and XOR signals vary in pulse width depending on the frequency and relative phase of the A and B clocks.


  • Two Independent Clock Outputs
  • Signal Output: 0 to 8V
  • Individual Frequency Control for each Independent Clock
  • Frequency Range Toggle Switch Control (High/Low)
  • Frequency Range: Sub-1Hz to several hundred Hz
  • Two Logic Outputs (AND/XOR)
  • Square Wave LFO Function
  • Clocked Logic Function
  • Gate Driver Function
  • Audio Drone Function

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 20mm Depth
  • +12V/-12V: 10mA Current Draw

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