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MIDI to Trigger - 6HP

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MIDI to Trigger - 6HP


If you use a midi sequencer to trigger events on your modular synthesizer, Erica Synths MIDI to Trigger module is just what you need; it converts ANY midi notes to eight 10ms trigger signals. When designing the module, we put usability as priority; it will take you a few seconds to program the module. It works with any midi controller so there is no need to change midi controller settings. 

A small button labeled "Prog" allows you to configure the module! To assign midi notes to trigger outputs, connect your midi controller and push and hold the PROG button for 2 secods. Trigger1 LED will go on. Now push any key on your midi controller to assign the note to trigger1 output. As soon as you do it, trigger2 LED will go on; Push another key on the midi controller to assign the note to the trigger2 output. Continue until you have all 8 trigger outputs assigned. To set the midi channel, connect a midi keyboard to the module, and push and hold PROG button when powering on your modular synth. Now press a note on the keyboard to set midi channels 1-12. C of any octave will set midi channel 1, C# midi channel 2, D - 3, ect. 

Trigger8 output can be configured as midi clock output. To do so, push PROG button and hold it for four seconds. Trigger8 output LED will start blinking. Now you can program the other 7 trigger outputs as described in the configuration instructions, and the Trigger8 output is the dedicated clock output. To exit clock mode, push and hold PROG for 2 seconds. 


  • Converts midi notes into trigger signals
  • 8 Trigger outputs
  • LED indication of active triggers
  • Easy to assign midi notes to triggers
  • Easy to set midi channels

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current Draw: 15mA @ +12v, 0mA @ -12V

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