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Erica Synths
Fusion VCF Tube Bandpass Filter - 16HP

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Item: N13-3426

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Fusion VCF Tube Bandpass Filter - 16HP


The Fusion VCF brings juicy tube bandpass filtering to the eurorack domain!

Erica Fusion VCF is built around classical T bandpass filter topology with a tube working simultaneously as a preamplifier and filter resonance feedback driver. As result you get a VCF with wide range of sonic possibilities from a warm, juicy sound to extreme, distorted and self-resonating screams. With resonance fully clockwise you get sinewave tube VCO (not 1V/oct), one of the first in eurorack format! Tube sinewaves are known for their low overtone content, or purity, as opposed to other analog sinewaves which often have tiny horns or imperfect curves.  The Fusion VCF also has two seperate audio inputs, each with their own dedicated attenuator, giving the function of a two channel mixer. It also has an inverted output, giving a signal that's 180 degrees out of phase from the main output. This feature can be used for a variety of effects, including stereo panning CV (if both the audio inputs are low frequency), or something similar to contrary motion, as well as timbral effects by adding the two inverted waves together at various volumes for cancellations and reinforcements to occur. All Fusion modules are designed with visible tubes to provide that warm glow that all tube enthusiasts know well. 

Erica Fusion modules have insignificant (max 15mA) power consumption from eurorack power supply unit (PSU), but they require separate, easy to install 6VAC PSU for tube heaters, also available from Perfect Circuit Audio. 


  • Dual Inputs; can function as a two channel mixer.
  • Dual CV Inputs, one with dedicated attenuator. 
  • High resonance creates a tube sinewave VCO. 
  • Two outputs, one inverted. 
  • Utilizes real tube heater supply (sold seperately)

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  • Filter type: Bandpass
  • Input signal level: up to 20V ptp
  • Output level: 10V ptp (up to 20Vptp with extreme resonance)
  • Panel width: 16HP
  • Module depth: 30mm
  • Power supply: bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard and Erica Synths 6VAC PSU
  • Power consumption: 13mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V, 300mA@6VAC
  • You get: Erica Fusion VCF module, eurorack power cable, 6VAC power cable, user manual.

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